Jan 7, 2017

Syria car bomb 21 dead, dozens injured - CNN

 So lets go over this

This happened on January 7th

1093 , drop the zero and you are down to 193 - 44th prime number
This happens on 1/7 - a lot like 17 - Kill = 44/17

1/7/2017 = 1+7+2+0+1+7 = 18 (Azaz = 18)
1/7/2017 = 45 (connected to Magic Square of Saturn which sums to 45, they say 21 are dead - Saturn = 21)

Car bomb has matching gematria with Azaz

Also they say explosion occurred around 11:40 - 11x4 = 44 - Kill

Local resident told CNN the explosion was caused by a 'truck bomb', in the post they also mention 'deadly car bomb'

Masonry = 105, Zionism = 105, American Dream = 105, Nine Eleven = 105, Symbols = 105

I found interesting connection to the president of Syria

Note how he is born on 9/11, and he's at the age of 51 (Conspiracy = 51)
Measuring from his birthday we find something interesting

CNN was talking to someone called "Rahhal"

This takes place 38 days before Lupercalia, also they say 'dozens' are injured (Dozens = 4+6+8+5+5+10 = 38 - S exception)

1 month, 7 days - 17 a lot like 1/7 or 'Kill' = 2+9+3+3 = 17

Also for this attack they blamed "Free Syrian Army" or "FSA"
FSA = 6+10+1 = 17 (S exception)

I caught this post just as they released it, I'm sure there will be more updates coming very soon


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