Nov 15, 2016

33-74 Coding Jesus, The Sun

33 - 74 - 47 coding - Jesus , Son , The Sun, Mithraism

I was wondering why 33 and 74 are coded together so often and I think I got it
Jesus - 74
The Sun - 24/33 ( 24 hours in a day)
Interestingly in the Alphabetic order you can find Q R S T in this exact order
Q R S T can be pronounced as Christ, Alphabetic order(74) is not at all arbitrary
Q+R+S+T = 17+18+19+20 = 74
Jesus QRST - 888
In Koine Greek Jesus is also 888

33 47 and 74 might be connected directly to the path of the Sun

So the Sun moves through Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, back and forth basically, and 23.5° is the furthest point the Sun reaches in both hemispheres
Tropic of Capricorn is said to be 23.5° South
Tropic of Cancer 23.5° North

Middle Point is said to be Equator 0° which is the 33rd parallel 

So we have the total path of the Sun being 23.5°+23.5° = 47°
Which is a reflection of 74, and the furthest point that the Sun reaches is "Tropic of Cancer" = 74 in the northern "hemisphere"

The "scientists" even say that Tropic of Capricorn and Cancer are moving northward at very interesting rate

15th prime number is 47

The Roman religion was Mithraism from the 1st to 4th century, Mithra like many other Gods, has a lot of similarities to Jesus, but interesting Gematria as well

Mithras = 88/34/43

74 is one of the most often coded numbers usually accompanied with 33 and 47

Knights Templar = 74 (S exception)
King James Bible = 74 (S exception)
Occult = 74

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